Professor Diana Kloss

Professor Diana Kloss MBE Diana is a barrister, former employment tribunal judge, Hon President of the Council for Work and Health, a visiting professor at London South Bank University, and honorary senior lecturer at the University of Manchester. She is a member of the Board of the National School of Occupational Health.

Diana is an expert in employment law and occupational health law and has written the leading text on Occupational Health Law. She continues to publish regularly in books and journals and am in demand for training of occupational health professionals, safety advisers and human resources professionals in employment law. Over the years she has been a member of a number of government committees and was appointed MBE in 2009 for her services to occupational health. She is an honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and honorary President of the Council for Work and Health.

Dr Nerys Williams

Dr Nerys Williams is an independent Consultant Occupational Physician and a Non-Executive Director/Senior Independent Director at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. She has a portfolio of work including writing and examining for the GMC and being Course Director for certificates in Occupational Mental Health and Case Management run by the At Work Partnership.

Professor Amanda Griffiths

Amanda’s research over the past 10 years concerns has concerned working women’s experience of the menopause. Most recently she has been exploring how managers might best support employees who develop dementia.
Amanda also teaches on a part-time MSc distance learning programme, designed for people with responsibility for workplace health and wellbeing.

Nicola Suckley

Nicola Suckley, Clinical Director at Working Towards Wellbeing is an experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapist with a demonstrated history of working with national and international business to facilitate health behaviour change through health promotion, prevention of musculoskeletal injury and sickness absence management in the workplace.

Nicola is an established member of the ACPOHE committee, actively supporting the committee to achieve the objective of developing and enhancing OH Physiotherapy in the UK. Nicola has been instrumental in developing ACPOHE guidance and regularly delivers ACPOHE training. She was also actively involved in the development of SEQOHS Physiotherapy and OH Physiotherapy and is now a lead clinical assessor for SEQOHS OH Physiotherapy.

Dr Julia Denning

Dr Julie Denning, Managing Director at Working Towards Wellbeing is a Chartered Health Psychologist and CBT therapist. She has significant experience designing and delivering services that support people with long term conditions to self-manage their symptoms and return to the workplace when ready. She trains health professionals in health behaviour change, the cognitive behavioural approach and mindfulness.  She also designs wellbeing programmes and supports organisations to deliver on their wellbeing strategy. Julie is also a trustee of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) and lecturer at Kings College London.

Hamish Moore

Hamish Moore is Chief Executive of Wellbeing Works. He is a passionate expert in creating work environments where staff can Thrive. He pioneered Wbi, the first validated predictive Psychological Wellbeing tool. His current work has led to the creation of Team Works the on-line Team Psychological Safety Tool.
He has a proven track record in working with OH Professionals in the NHS, Police Forces, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Call Centre Operations as well as Manufacturing in improving Psychological Safety levels at work.
He regularly presents at Leadership Forums and advises Boards of major institutions on creating Psychologically Safe top teams.
Hamish is an engaging speaker. He is known for providing delegates with some thought-provoking ideas backed by practical actions for teams to take back to their organisation.
His previous career history includes working in the City, major Academic Institutions as well as a trusted advisor to UK and International companies.

Glyn Morris

Glyn began training as a psychiatric nurse in 1992 despite loving horticulture and acting (he’s a very good singer too). But something about the mind, the brain and working with people very closely drew him to a career in mental health. During this, he fell in love with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and eventually went all in for this methodology and eventually met Dr. Rick Norris.
His professional relationship with Rick grew and by now Glyn was also a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist but remained registered as a nurse (still does).